The Rap Manager is the Next Level PR Firm for Musicians

The Rap Manager is a full staffed entertainment public relations firm, focusing on boutique artists connected into┬áthe industry. All artists on The Rap Manager‘s roster are seasoned veterans in the music industry, all of which have been on the road touring, gaining nationwide recognition for their music endeavors.

We were founded with the inspiration that todays music game has become really saturated since the recording industry has become more independent. What we are inspired to do is create a place on the internet where magazines, blogs, radio stations can have a brand name that they can trust, who isn’t just into Hip Hop PR for the money, but for the reputation of servicing high end boutique artists who are capable of capturing a world audience. Artists who currently are working and are recieving the recognition many have sought after.

Our company is special due to the nature of how me assemble our roster. We have a board of directors who are all power players in the industry, and we all work hand in hand at finding the right outlets to premier musicians newest singles and visuals. We do this to not only ensure that our artists are getting there due recognition, we are also here for the Hip Hop outlet who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure the Hip Hop marketplace has top tier outlets to present independent artists music.

The Rap Manager is very new, but through time as our roster grows we envision that “quality artists” will be the cornerstone to a successful new company.

If your interested in gaining The Rap Manager as your new public relations firm, please click here for inquiries.