K-Town Los Angeles artist Rich Money Cashanova releases visual “Balling Tonight”

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Rich Money Cashanova – “Balling Tonight” (Music Video)

This email is sent in reference to a hot new visual from a new artist out of the K-Town district of Los Angeles, CA who goes by Rich Money Cashanova, who is presenting his latest visual “Ballin Tonight”.

Balling Tonight is the first official single of Rich Money Cashanova’s career. In the past he has guest featured on other peoples albums, and has not released a single of this magnitude till now.

In “Balling Tonight” Rich Money finds his lane of comfort, all the while single handedly producing the instrumental, writing the entire song, and crafting a first edition autotune sound unlike any Korean artist out today. He shows you the life of a west coast livin’ Korean rapper enjoying life. Watch it for yourself.

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K-Town Los Angeles Rapper Rich Money Cashanova releases visual “Balling Tonight”. Watch Here.

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[For further inquiries/press, contact Rich Money Cashanova’s management at therapmanager@aol.com]