HBK CJ and IAMSU debut M.S.G.D. Visual on DJCarisma.com

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Press Critique

HBK CJ rolls out his new single “MSGD” featuring IamSu! bringing their Bay Area sound and taking us on the road to his upcoming album #CC2

- KarenCivil.com

CJ bounces from delivery to delivery offering some lines that will have you pressing rewind. Overall, "MSGD" put's fans on notice that CJ has some new fire coming and be on the look out for #CC2.

- HipHopOnDeck.com

M.S.G.D. features a booming dance floor friendly beat and a surplus of confidence: haters ain't blockin' my vision, they rap, referencing the models that they've accrued.

- The Fader

This one definitely bumps, turn your speakers and press play!

- HypeTrak.com

Over a melodic Mic Watts production, the piano inspired, 808 heavy, instant party starter lets CJ showcase his flow and delivery while he brings you along the ride with fellow HBK Gang group member and HBK leader, IamSu!

- RapFav.com

CJ and IAMSU team up for the slammin' cut "MGSD", makin' it clear when it come to commas they're gettin' em, they've only got models with 'em, and ain't nobody fxckin' up their vision.

- Thizzler.com

HBK Gang’s own CJ is prepping to release a project soon, so he has officially dropped a new video for “MSGD” featuring IAMSU! Turn up with the two of them at the club..

- YoungCalifornia.com

The two turn up at a club for the "MSGD" visuals, and they even bust a dab move!

- HotNewHipHop.com


Heartbreak Gang front runner “CJ” teams up with HBK Head Honcho IAMSU over a Mike Watts production to bring us the M.S.G.D. visual, directed by Evan Croker.

This HBK Gang duo always bring the heat, and generally as Fader Magazine puts it they “generally come together to bring something conscious to Hip Hop”, but this is a bit different due to the Mike Watts produced single, which practically takes them into the club space.

The video, which was filmed in Los Angeles takes them throughout L.A. hot spots from clubs to the Universal walk, ensuring to the fans that ‘haters can’t block their vision”.

The singe and video has done well, getting placements on Young California, DJ Carisma, The Fader, HotNewHipHop, Thizzler, Karen Civil, and many other hip hop blogs across the country.