Steph Lecor

About Steph Lecor

Rapidly rising to stardom emerges a powerful, yet soulful and melodic voice – a voice belonging to Steph Lecor, a Haitian beauty, and one third of Poe Boy Music Group’s trio Kulture Shock.

Raised in Miami, FL this spunky songstress began her music career singing in her church choir, and at local talent shows. After graduating high school, Stephie was able to take her musical aspirations to the next level. Her professional music career as a back up singer for the Van Halen tour, a gig booked for her by Ky-Mani Marley. She toured over 20 states on the Van Halen tour, and quickly rose from a back up singer to a center stage songstress.” I had an opportunity to have a solo part. It was very exciting to get in front of thousands of people and have a moment to step out from the back and shine,” reflects Steph.

As a lover of music and writing her own songs, Steph sees the writing process as a form of therapy. She creates concepts and uses that as an opportunity to write about life, love, and experiences. Stephie has always been inspired to create and share stories. She describes her music as “honest, with a mixture of hip hop, rock, house, and sometimes even reggae.”

Influenced by many great artists, including Etta James, Steph hopes to have a long and prosperous career. “I just love people that make the music they love and love the music they make,” admits Stephie. If you were to listen to Steph Lecor’s iPod right now, you’d experience a variety of music. From Mariah Carey to Alanis Morissette, even Jay Z and Madonna would be featured artists on her play list.

Her day-to-day schedule consists of exercising, writing spending time with family, and rehearsing. ” I rehearse for an hour a day,” explains Steph. “Some days I’m recording, some days it’s media training or interviews, either way, my days are very productive.”