Lil Slugg

About Lil Slugg

Lil Slugg is a reputable Bay Area artist, a Hayward, CA native who has been a proud representative of his small east bay community. With a combined count on YouTube alone, Lil Slugg is quickly approaching hallmark video views online, currently approaching over 20 million views, collectively.

With a break out hit on his belt “Paperwork”, along with another break out hit titled “Shit Changed”, along with a slew of other videos doing big numbers, Lil Slugg has no reason at all to slow down.

His new single “Shit Changed” resonates with the streets, which has a equally dope music video directed by WeThePartySean of Proxclusiv Films, which is currently approaching 500k views online.

On his latest video “Shit Changed”, Lil Slugg reminisces of past times when street codes and regulations were upheld, and reminds us all how as people have evolved, the common practices of what we now call real have been tainted, hence “Shit Changed”.

After dropping only two albums, and a slew of guest appearances and features, Lil Slugg has proven himself by numbers alone that his hustle is to be respected, and his lyrics and energy leave you in wonder for whats next.

It’s safe and accurate to say Lil Slugg has come a long way since he dropped his first single ever, two years ago. We would appreciate any additional coverage for his latest break out video, and would honor any requests for interviews or premiere opportunities.