About LEW

(Oakland, California) Born in 1997 in Oakland, California, Lew is arguably one of the hottest undiscovered artists coming out of the Bay Area right now. He is a Junior at SF State, works in a mentorship program with kids in his hometown of Oakland, and has even received scholarships for his commendable efforts in school and with the community.

Musically, he has been praised as a quadruple threat by local media outlets for his musically rich delivery in producing, singing, rapping, and song writing.

The deadly and smooth combination of his quadruple threat status is proven in his debut release “Practice in the Mirror”. This release is a milestone for his career and shows and tells a different legacy in the making. The entire production of “Practice in The Mirror” was performed by none other than Lew himself. He produced every track, wrote every lyric down to the hook, and delivered the game a fresh new sound that is gaining him a quickly growing fan base for having very little material out.

His debut release “Practice in the Mirror” boasts 9 powerful tracks and has become a full on playlist to many Bay Area locals with singles like “No Time”, “These Days”, and “True Thing”, among others. The entire album start to finish is nothing short of awesome. This week, he will be premiering his debut music video “These Days”, which is directed by Anthony Jacob.

Look forward to hearing a lot more music coming from Lew, he has a drive and talent that is infectious to watch, and you will learn from being glued in that his humble approach towards music and life only captivates your attention more and builds up only more anticipation for his next move. Watch out!